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We Live Press Brake Productivity

And we love to help you grow your business, using press brake productivity as a tool to increase output while reducing operational cost.

Why they call us the press brake productivity people

We have been around in industry since 1932, specializing in clamping, crowning and tooling systems for press brakes. We develop them, we manufacture them, we sell them. And we know all there is to know about them.


Metal bending made profitable

Being competitive in the industry is about flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. That’s why business managers and production professionals in all branches of industry turn to WILA. They use our innovative, high-quality tool holders and tooling systems to improve their press brake productivity, reduce costs per product and make their sheet metal bending business more profitable.

The future of sheet metal bending

Sheet metal bending is changing, facing ever more product variants, smaller batch sizes and shorter order times. How to remain competitive in business? Team up with WILA to develop a future-proof strategy for making a profit on any order, large or small. All WILA tool holders and tooling systems are ready for the smart factory of the future, in which digital connectivity allows people, machines, automation and software to work together perfectly.

Grow your career at WILA

Looking for a new challenge? Our rapidly expanding organization offers many opportunities for both recent graduates and experienced professionals. We always like to get in touch with people with a keen and lively interest in the latest developments in our industry and business. Contact one of our HRM specialists to find out about your opportunities within our company.

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