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Custom Style Tooling

Does your bending job require a customized press brake tool? WILA offers a range of tailored solutions for almost all bending applications.

Tailor-made tools for your bending projects

Some requirements and situations are beyond standard solutions. WILA provides customized tooling for special product needs. Customized versions of WILA Press Brake Tooling are tailored to your specifications but always in line with our customary level of quality.

Custom tools

  • Draw your own customized tools using the online WILA Tool Advisor.
  • Contact our experts to discuss the possibilities for custom made tooling, including hemming tools and adjustable bottom tools.
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Flattening tools

  • Hemming, or flattening, is a way to finish sharp edges and strengthen parts of sheet metal products.
  • Our WILA hydraulic and spring-action flattening tools can be customized to fit your needs.
  • Customization includes the method of mounting the tools to the machine and the use of hardened inserts.
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Adjustable bottom tools

  • Bottom tools with an adjustable opening width (V-opening) can be adjusted as desired and do not need to be changed with varying sheet thickness.
  • Working with adjustable bottom tools results in substantial time savings especially when large dimensions are involved.
  • Our product range includes two models: automatically and manually adjustable bottom tools
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Not sure which tools you need?

Use our online Tool Advisor to always find the right tools for the job.

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WILA dealers have the knowledge and expertise to support your press brake tooling needs. There is always a WILA dealer near you.

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