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Custom Style Crowning

In addition to our standard crowning models WILA offers tailor-made crowning systems.

Tailor-made crowning systems

Custom Style crowning systems can be co-engineered to meet your specific requirements, tooling style and size range. Two examples of our tailor-made crowning systems are Custom Style Crowning E-Wide and CSRC-Q.


CSCR-E-WIDE is a centrally adjustable crowning system with mechanical clamping and localized Y (Ty) alignment. Suitable for holding New Standard and American Style single V-tools. Available with A3 Hydraulic Clamping pins as an option.

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CSCR-Q is a centrally adjustable crowning system suitable for New Standard and American Style square bottom tools and single V-tools. To be placed on top of the table. Tang is optional.

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