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High precision bending

At WILA we see an increase in the complexity of sheet metal products, along with higher demands on product tolerances. That is why we invest heavily in research and development to create innovations that enable high precision bending.

High quality tool systems

To allow for high precision bending, the quality of a press brake tool system is key. WILA products are produced to tight tolerances of up to ± 0.01 mm and undergo strict quality assurance checks at every step in the production process. This guarantees an extreme level of precision for each WILA product.

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Long-term accuracy

Our products can be CNC-Deephardened® to 56-60 HRC, up to 4 mm on all working surfaces. This provides maximum wear resistance, durability and long-term accuracy. Newly purchased tools will seamlessly match your existing WILA tooling.


Perfect tool alignment

The perfect bend has a consistent angle over its entire length, with flanges that are completely parallel to the bend. To achieve this, the press brake tools have to be perfectly aligned in both the horizontal and vertical plane.

One of our innovations is an ingenious horizontal (Tx) and vertical (Ty) adjustment system to compensate for the build-up of press brake tolerances before a press brake is put into use.

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Crowning, wedges

Compensation for deflection

When bending sheet material on a press brake, the released forces may cause the ram and bed to deform.

WILA Crowning systems fully compensate for the deflection in press brakes. WILA New Standard Crowning Systems utilize a series of adjustable wedges known as WILA Wave Wedges. Each press brake model has its own bending characteristics. Unlike other solutions in the market, WILA crowning is tailored to each individual press brake. The result is a highly accurate compensation along the entire length of the press brake, resulting in an accurate and consistent bend.

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