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Shoulder radius

One of the specifications of a press brake die is the size of the shoulder radius. We are talking about the transition from the horizontal bearing surface to the groove of the die. How does the size of the shoulder radius affect the bending result, and what options are available for changing the shoulder radius?

A larger shoulder radius gives less marking

The horizontal bearing surface of a die transitions smoothly into the plane of the groove. With most tools, this transition is part of a circle.

If the radius is larger, then the contact area is also larger and the force distribution is more favorable. The sheet material will unroll more along the large radius than with a smaller radius. As a result, less marking is visible on the product. This is also beneficial when bending sheet with film or coated sheet.

In combination with a larger V-opening and the use of sheet with foil or the application of protective cloth during bending, complete mark-free bending can often be achieved. Read more about mark-free bending.

WILA tools and shoulder radius

With WILA New Standard Premium tools, the size of the shoulder radius is linked to the working height as standard. Tools 55mm high have a shoulder radius of about 10% of the V-opening width. Tools 100mm high have a shoulder radius of about 20% of the V-opening width.

WILA Tool Advisor

With the WILA Tool Advisor you can analyze your critical bends and receive online tool advice. But did you know that you can also adjust the shoulder radius yourself and order directly online?

Minimum leg length

With a larger shoulder radius, the bearing surface will be further from the center of the die and the material will sink into the die sooner. In the WILA Smart Tooling App check the minimum leg length you can bend with a WILA tool at a given angle.


By bending in a die with larger shoulder radii, less marking is visible on the product, or it is even possible to bend mark-free. With WILA standard tools, the shoulder radius is linked to the working height. If you choose WILA New Standard Premium tools with a working height of 100mm, an additional advantage is that the bending freedom is increased. Would you like to adjust the shoulder radius of a die? Then use the WILA Tool Advisor.

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