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Non-marking accessories

Use our adiprene inserts or protective foil to prevent marks on your bent parts, while upholding your productivity.

The problem of preventing marking on your bent parts

When bending sheet metal parts made of aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass or other materials that must be free of die marks, the range of solutions for eliminating die marks is quite limited. To make matters worse, they all take away valuable productive time on your press brake and can add a significant amount of labor to the job. Also, many of them require additional bending force (tonnage) and frequent angle adjustments.

WILA's solutions for mark-free bending

We have developed our revolutionary K-005 No-Mar protective cloth. It is made from a tightly woven nylon fabric that is only 0.3 mm (0.011") thick and has a life cycle of up to 8-10 times that of polyurethane sheeting. It reduces or eliminates die marks in most sheet metal bending applications while requiring less tonnage.
In addition, we also offer adiprene inserts for bending materials without marking (use depends on material type, thickness, angles and radius size).

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