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Adjustable bottom tools

WILA provides bottom tools with an adjustable opening width. The opening width (V-opening) can be adjusted as required.

Why use adjustable bottom tools?

The main advantage of using adjustable bottom tools is that they do not need to be changed with varying sheet thickness: the opening width can be easily adjusted as needed. This saves considerable time, especially with large dimensions.

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Automatically adjustable bottom tool

The WILA Multi-V-Matic (MVM) I.1 offers many benefits. The V-opening can be changed from 6-51 mm using a CNC Drive Motor which can be tied into the press brake control. It can also be used to clamp regular bottom tools, making it even more flexible. In combination with a hemming top tool (e.g. BIU-051) it can even be used to pre-bend and flatten sheet metal.

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Manually adjustable bottom tool

Our manually adjustable Multi-V bottom tool can be used for bending thicker plate materials. The V-opening can be changed by inserting different spacer bars for each width. It is equipped with hardened roller bars that reduce friction and lower the required bending force by 10-30% versus standard bottom tools.

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