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Tool length

On a press brake, the maximum achievable bending length is determined by the length and maximum tonnage of the press brake, as well as by the available tooling. The desired bending length can be put together with segmented tools. What segment lengths does WILA offer and what is a smart investment?

Bending line and bending freedom

The length of the bending line in the sheet product determines the minimum tool length you need. Is the product made up only of bends in the same direction? Then the tool length can be longer than the bending line. Does the product also contain bends in another direction? Then take into account sufficient bending freedom. Bend simulation software can support you with this.

Segmented tools

WILA offers tools in various standard lengths. The largest segment is 515mm long. WILA's segment sets consist of several segments, starting at 20mm long. With these segments, the desired length can be assembled in 5mm increments. This applies to both New Standard and American Style top and bottom tools. American Vintage tools have a length in inches.

Available lengths


The length of the bending line and the required bending freedom determine what tool length you need. With WILA's high-quality precision tools, you invest in the length you need now. Are you short of length at a later stage? Then you can easily use new tools alongside existing tools. Is maximum flexibility important to you? Then choose a /2 divided set from WILA and supplement that with /1 segments 515mm long. For more information, contact one of our experts.

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