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For all questions concerning maintenance, spare parts or technical issues, please contact our Service & Support team. We're here to help.

Speed up response: 2-step service form

Whether it is a technical problem, a software problem, a spare part or a maintenance question, you can speed up the response of our Service & Support team by using the 2-step service form below, providing us with the serial number of the product, a short description of the service call and preferably some photos or videos.

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Based on the information you provide, we will put you in touch with the right specialist.

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WILA Service & Support benefits

  • Local support worldwide, through our sales offices in China, USA and Europe.
  • Highly qualified service experts.
  • Rapid support, short reaction times and fast diagnostics.
  • Reduced delivery times for spare parts or replacement parts, to minimize production downtime.
  • Support throughout entire lifetime of product.

Frequently Asked Questions

As standard, the serial number is located on the left side of the Tool Holder, opposite to the crowning drive unit. Check out this video for more information.

Please contact WILA for the correct hose replacement kit and repair instructions. Check out this video for more information.

Please contact the WILA Service team. Make sure that you have the serial number of your WILA product at hand so we can provide you with the correct documentation.


All our purchases and sales are subject to the "Orgalime S2012 - General conditions for the delivery of mechanical, electrical and electronical products".

In addition, we have additional warranty terms:
The warranty terms include 1 year warranty on products delivered by Wila, except on consumables that last less with normal use.

Warranty claim procedure within the 1 year warranty period:
Provide Wila with detailed information, including the Serial number, detailed description of the problem, supported with photos and/or videos.

Based on the information sent, Wila will assess what may be the cause of the problem and whether it can be determined on the basis of this information whether it concerns warranty. If the information sent is inconclusive, we may ask you to return the part for warranty inspection at Wila.

If warranty is determined we will replace or credit the part free of charge. If no warranty is determined, we will charge for the replacement part.


All our purchases and sales are subject to the "Orgalime S2012 - General conditions for the delivery of mechanical, electrical and electronical products".

In addition, we have additional return terms:
Within three months after purchase most products purchased directly from Wila can be returned for credit, provided they are unused and in new condition.

What can't be returned:
• Damaged or used products
• Customer-specific purchased products
• Hose replacement kits
• Consumables that are specially supplied to the length requested, like protective foil.

Before returning, please contact Wila, who will assess whether the item to be returned qualifies for a credit. If the item qualifies for return, the return information will be sent and the item can be returned.

If after inspection the item is released for credit, 20% of the gross purchase value will be charged for handling, the remaining amount will be credited to you.

Check out the differences in our Tool Holder section.

You can find a downloadable contour in DXF format at the bottom of the product page of most WILA tools. Does your New Standard Premium tool have a scannable DM code? Scan the tool with the WILA Smart Tooling app and download the contour in the file format you need.

Our sales engineers will be happy to assist you with your request and can send you the correct contour. Contact us.

How many tools fit in a tool cabinet depends on the tool height, width, intake and weight. Want to know how many tool cabinets you need for your tools? Use our WILA Cabinet Calculator or contact WILA.

To give you an idea, one tool cabinet will fit the common top and bottom tools to bend 1-3mm plate on a press brake with a length of about 3 meters (BIU-021, BIU-023, OZU-351, OZU-352, OZU-353, OZU-354, with 1x segmented set of each and 5x tools at 515mm length).

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Send your service requests by e-mail to our Service & Support team or contact us during office hours.

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