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First step taken in Management Buy-out process

Hans Willemsen (managing director of WILA B.V.) has decided to gradually transfer leadership and ownership of the company to the current executive board. The first step has been taken.


The WILA Tool Advisor

In addition to WILA's Webshop, it is also possible to get quick and easy online tool advice with WILA's Tool Advisor. This high-end engineering application enables online selection of which press brake tools are best suited to a specific bending problem. In case there is no suitable standard tool, it is even possible to directly design a custom tool and order it directly online. That is the power of the WILA Tool Advisor!


9 strategies for winning the part-collision battle

On the first day they use a new press brake, operators commit themselves to a battle that will endure for as many years as that press brake remains in service. Unfortunately, many will be unaware they have committed themselves to this struggle and will find out the hard way that they have not properly prepared for it.


WILA starts production in North America

Louisville, KY - May 26, 2023 – WILA, a leading player in the sector of tooling systems for sheet metals, is thrilled to announce the relocation of its North American headquarters to Louisville, Kentucky, and the establishment of its local manufacturing operations. This strategic move signifies WILA's commitment to expanding its presence in the North American market and leveraging the region's dynamic manufacturing ecosystem.