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Press Brake Productivity Wax

WILA Wax preserves your investment in WILA press brake tooling by keeping your tools clean, protecting them in even the harshest environments and maintaining their performance at optimum levels.

Clean & protect your press brake tools

When you selected WILA tooling for your press brake, you invested in
the world’s highest quality, most durable and most productive line of
press brake tooling. With proper use and proper care, it will still be hard at work in new or like new condition well over ten years from now. To provide you with a cleaner and preservative that meets the rigid performance standards of our industry leading press brake tooling systems, WILA developed WILA Wax.

Optimum performance with WILA Wax

WILA Wax has been specially developed to eliminate rust and corrosion on press brake tooling and to protect important laser marking on tooling. It is easy to apply and effective even in environments with high humidity and frequent operator tool handling.

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