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Our comprehensive range of accessories for press brakes and press brake tools helps maximize flexibility and expand the capabilities of your press brakes.

Accessories to increase your press brake productivity

From non-marking protective cloth to efficient tool storage systems, WILA has everything you need to increase your press brake productivity. WILA accessories are compatible with our New Standard Tooling and New Standard Tool Holders.

Tool extenders and adapters

  • Create more bending freedom with our tool extenders
  • Use New Standard or American Style tools in Tool Holders with a differen style, or vice versa
  • Check out our tool holders for radius tools, offset inserts or non-marking inserts
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Efficient storage and tool changes

  • Storage convenience to maximize productivity
  • Safe exchange and organized storage of tools
  • Effortless super-fast loading and unloading of tools
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Prevent marks on bent parts

  • Reduce or even eliminate die marks in most sheet metal bending applications
  • No loss of productive time
  • Long lifecycle
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Taking care of your press brake tools

  • Eliminates rust and corrosion
  • Protects press brake tools and their laser markings
  • Easy to apply
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Compatibility of tooling options

All WILA Tooling Options are perfectly compatible with New Standard Tooling.

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