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Custom Style Tool Holders

WILA offers press brake crowning systems and Tool Holder adapters, tailored to your specific needs.

Customized to meet your requirements

In addition to our standard crowning models WILA offers tailor-made crowning systems. These can be co-engineered to meet your specific requirements, tool style and size range..

Custom Style Crowning

WILA supplies tailor-made crowning systems with a length of up to 15 m and a width of 600 mm, to support a tool weight of up to 16,000 kg. For example, our Custom Style Crowning E-WIDE is suitable for dies with large V-openings. Our CSCR-Q can also hold square bottom tools.

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Custom Style Tool Holder adapters

Our Custom Style Tool Holder adapters allow you to use other tooling styles in your WILA Tool Holder, or use WILA tools in your existing Tool Holder. They can also increase the tool height of your existing WILA tools.

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WILA Wave Wedges

The WILA Wave Wedge is a special wedge system that press brake manufacturers can incorporate into the lower beam or table of the press brake. Our wedges are tailored to the characteristics of each specific press brake model. This allows for perfect compensation of deflection during bending.

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Clamping bars

Press brake manufacturers can incorporate the WILA (A3) clamping bar into the lower beam or table of the press brake, enabling hydraulic clamping of bottom tools.

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