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Air bending

Air bending is the most flexible method of bending sheet metal on a press brake. In combination with WILA’s durable and high quality precision tooling, air bending is the preferred bending method for the majority of bending applications.

Bend a variety of angles using a limited set of tools

Air bending with WILA segmented tooling enables you to bend a variety of bend angles and lengths, with just a limited set of tooling. Limiting your tooling selection to only what’s necessary leaves room for investing in tooling quality, leading to the lowest cost of ownership and maximum productivity for any press brake operation.

Tools for air bending



With just a limited number of WILA New Standard tools a large variety of bends can be made with different angles and inside radii, in various materials.

Less tool changes

With air bending less tool changes are needed, resulting in a higher press brake productivity.

Lower tonnage

Compared to bottom bending, air bending requires a lower tonnage.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Air bending is the preferred bending method for most press brake applications. With just a limited set of tools you can make a wide variety of bends. Less tonnage is required compared to other bending methods. Air bending allows for a slim tool design, giving you more bending freedom. Additionally, it’s easier to compensate for springback.

The shortest flange you can bend will depend on the V-opening and shoulder radius of your bottom tool and the angle of your bend. Check out the WILA Smart Tooling App for advice on the minimum flange length.

Check out our ‘Mark-free bending’ applications page, to learn how to minimize part marking while bending sheet metal.

Check out our ‘Bending near holes and cut-outs’ applications page, to learn how to prevent deformation of holes and cut-outs.

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