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Our innovations

Over the years, WILA has introduced various new technologies to increase product quality, bending precision and safety standards to increase profitable manufacturing. Find out more about our innovations.

High-precision bending

Sheet metal products are becoming ever more complex, with higher demands on product tolerances. WILA invests heavily in research and development to create innovations that enable high precision bending.

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Fast and safe tool set-ups

Save time with a higher clamping speed, automatic seating and aligning of tools and operator assistance for safely positioning and handling press brake tools.

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Smart Tool Management

For easy access, tools should be stored near the press brake. You should also be able to quickly identify them, so you can easily enter the tool data into the press brake control. This will save time and prevent mistakes during changeovers.

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Automatic Tool Change

Automated press brakes can be provided with Automatic Tool Change, a universal robot gripper with ATC tooling enabling the fully automatic bending of small batches of various products in random order.

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Easy installing

WILA’s innovative and super-fast New Standard and American Style clamping systems can be installed on any press brake, new or used. Working together with press brake manufacturers and distributors, we offer press brake users a fully integrated solution.

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WILA dealers have the knowledge and expertise to support your press brake tooling needs. There is always a WILA dealer near you.

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