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American Style Tool Holders

American Style Top Tool Holders make it possible to change tools very quickly. When combined with our state of the art American Style Tooling, they also provide maximum accuracy, flexibility, durability and safety.

Efficient tool change

Our wide range of Tool Holders helps to efficiently change your press brake tools, whether hydraulic or mechanical. Award-winning innovations like Safety-Click® and Smart Tool Locator® make changing tools easier and safer.

American Style Clamping

  • Innovative and extremely fast clamping systems
  • Can be installed on any press brake thanks to the UPB concept
  • Equipped with Guards
  • Suitable for American Style top tools
  • Horizontal and vertical change of tooling
  • Available with hydraulic or manual clamping
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Crowning and Bottom Tool Holders

American Style bottom tools can be clamped in New Standard Tool Holders. Check out our New Standard Bottom Tool Holders for a matching crowning or Bottom Tool Holder.

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Hydraulic or mechanical

Our clamping and crowning systems offer the ultimate solution when it comes to efficiently changing tools - whether hydraulic or manual. We have created an overview of the most important differences.

An effective economical solution for less frequent tool changes
Clamping bolts are used to center the tools in the required position. When tools are changed less frequently, a manual clamping system in which the bolts are tightened by hand can be sufficient. 
High efficiency for fast and frequent tool changes
Ideal to meet the most demanding requirements with fast clamping and alignment. A flexible hose running the length of the system is used to transfer oil pressure to the tool via hardened clamping pins for maximum reliability. After the clamping system is activated, all tools are automatically positioned, centered and aligned.

All American Style Tool Holders

Innovative and extremely fast clamping systems for clamping American Style press brake punches. WILA's Universal Press Brake Concept (UPB) makes it possible to install American Style Clamping Systems on any press brake, ensuring a perfect match with all WILA tooling.

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