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5 ways to keep your tools clean

Every press brake operator has encountered problems associated with galling. This is when small particles of sheet material or milling scale stick to bottom tools.

Galling, which is also referred to as build-up, has a massive impact on bottom tools and sheet materials. This has a massive impact on productivity! There are four ways to prevent galling:

1 - Manual cleaning

The first and most obvious method: regularly clean tools using e.g.  Scotch-Brite. Although very effective, this approach is labor intensive and reduces overall productivity. And, of course, that's what you want to avoid. 

2 - Oil & Teflon spray

Galling can be prevented by applying oil or Teflon spray to the sheet material. Whatever you apply also needs to be removed resulting in additional time to clean the sheet material, which isn't very practical.

3 - Film and cloth

Sheet material often features a white/blue film that protects it during the entire process. However, the downside is that it only allows you to work with large entry radii, otherwise you will damage the sheet material. This damage can be prevented by placing a cloth between the tools and the sheet material. Unfortunately, this cloth is not fixed in place and can easily slide off the tool which is not a practical solution.

4 - Modify your tools

You could also decide to implement another type of V-groove. Tools with large entry radii result in a thinner scribe mark, which means plate material is more likely to unwind than slide (‘scraping’). This helps to reduce galling.

5 - Use a coating 

The most efficient and effective approach when using galvanized sheet material involves placing a coating on bottom tools. Galling can be avoided by using bottom tools featuring a special coating. 

WILA's advice

“Bending instead of cleaning”. Our OZU-ZN tools feature a coating that has been specially developed by WILA for use with galvanized sheet material. This coating is applied to CNC-Deephardened® bottom tools and prevents zinc deposits from building on the bending radii.

It further helps to significantly improve productivity, which accelerates your ROI (Return on Investment). Cleaning becomes a thing of the past, sheet damage will be greatly reduced, the life-span of bottom tools will be extended and there will be less chance of sheet material becoming stuck in the groove. This technology enables you to automate your process using a robot. Investing in bottom tools featuring OZU-ZN coating means investing in productivity!

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