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WILA starts production in North America

Louisville, KY - May 26, 2023 – WILA, a leading player in the sector of tooling systems for sheet metals, is thrilled to announce the relocation of its North American headquarters to Louisville, Kentucky, and the establishment of its local manufacturing operations. This strategic move signifies WILA's commitment to expanding its presence in the North American market and leveraging the region's dynamic manufacturing ecosystem.

WILA Announces Relocation of North American Headquarters and Establishment of North American Manufacturing in Louisville, Kentucky

The decision to relocate the corporate headquarters and establish manufacturing facilities in Louisville was driven by several key factors. Louisville's central location within the United States provides convenient access to major transportation networks, enabling efficient distribution of WILA’s products throughout North America. Additionally, the city's vibrant manufacturing industry, skilled workforce, and business-friendly environment align perfectly with the company's growth strategy.

WILA’s investment in Louisville represents a significant milestone in the company's journey, as it aims to enhance its customer service capabilities and strengthen relationships with existing and prospective clients in North America. By establishing local manufacturing operations, WILA will be able to reduce lead times, increase flexibility, and deliver tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of the region's manufacturing sector.

"We are excited to relocate our corporate headquarters to Louisville and establish our North American manufacturing operations," said Hans Willemsen, CEO of WILA. "This strategic move will allow us to strengthen our market presence, improve customer service, and further collaborate with our valued partners in North America. We are confident that our investment in Louisville will accelerate our growth and enable us to better serve the evolving needs of our customers."

WILA's new facility in Louisville will feature state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, enabling the company to deliver cutting-edge solutions across a wide range of industries. The expansion will also create job opportunities for local talent, contributing to the economic development of the region.

About WILA

WILA B.V. employs 350 people, has two factories in the Netherlands, subsidiaries in the United States and China, and has developed into a leading player in the sector of tooling systems for sheet metals. Many productivity-improving innovations have materialized in Lochem and are being used as standard industrial components by modern machine constructors and users of such machines. For instance, mechanical crowning, the Safety-Click in New Standard Tooling, hydraulic or pneumatic clamps, robot-based tool changes or “smart” Tool data management.

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