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Three benefits of smart bending by TIPS

Maximize the up-time of your investment in automation. An automated process gives you control and predictable output. Until the process gets disrupted. Learn what the WILA Tool Identification and Positioning System can do for your press brake productivity.

No need to teach the robot
with every new or displaced tool

Teaching a robot the location and pick-up point of every press brake tool in the machine is a time-consuming job. Have you added a new tool to the storage system? Did you take out the tools for inspection and cleaning? Has something unexpected happened during bending? With our Tool Identification and Positioning System, the control software is always aware of the location of every tool. No more teaching!

Eliminate mistakes when selecting tools

Using the wrong tools can be costly and even dangerous. Whether you perform a manual tool set-up or you load a tool into the tool storage of an automated press brake: mistaking a tool for a similar looking one can happen to anybody. This leads to rejected parts and unsafe situations. The WILA Tool Identification and Positioning System eliminates mistakes ensuring a smooth bending operation.

Avoid crashes
due to incorrect tool positions or unidentified items

When a press brake tool is in the wrong position it can run into other tools or into the sheet metal part. Crashes like these cause damage and create unsafe situations. The WILA Tool Identification and Positioning System (TIPS) locates and identifies the tools in the machine. The control software will only allow you to start bending when all tools are identified and positioned in a way that no crash will occur.

Our #nextstep in your productivity win

WILA concentrates on the development of products and solutions to optimize the productivity of your press brake. WILA has been producing clamping and crowning systems as well as tools and accessories to improve set-up times and increase the precision of your press brake for decades.

We are currently developing our next generation TIPS system, based on AI-supported patented LED technology for locating and identifying tools. We expect this technology to make TIPS available to many more press brake users around the world. Would you like to learn more? Contact one of our experts!

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