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Press Brake Tool Holders

WILA’s state-of-the-art clamping and crowning systems offer the ultimate solution when it comes to efficiently changing tools, whether hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic.

A perfect match with all WILA tools

Many innovations from WILA, such as the Safety-Click®, the Smart Tool Locator® and the E2M® changing system for (heavy) tools, have made the changeover process easier and safer. Accuracy and ergonomics are optimally matched to achieve the highest productivity with all tools. The WILA Tool Holder program consists of New Standard, American Style and Custom Style Tool Holders.

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The benefits of WILA Tool Holders

  • Suitable for all new or existing press brakes
  • Extremely fast press brake tooling changes
  • Highly accurate clamping and positioning due to integrated horizontal and vertical aligment (Tx/Ty)
  • Max. load up to 800 t/m, a solution for every application
  • Individual clamping of each tool segment as of min. 10mm
  • Integrated crowning system (CNC)

New Standard Tool Holders

WILA New Standard Tool Holders (Clamping, Crowning and Bottom Tool Holders) make it possible to change tools very quickly. When combined with our New Standard tooling they also provide maximum accuracy, flexibility, durability and safety.

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American Style Tool Holders

WILA designed this product range especially for the North American market. WILA American Style Press Brake Tool Holders have been carefully adapted by WILA to suit the North American approach to sheet-metal bending.

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Custom Style Tool Holders

While some requirements and situations may go beyond standard solutions, WILA can address your special product needs with tailor-made solutions. We invite you to contact us to explore the full range of possibilities.

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Tool Holder Options

WILA accessories for press brake tool holders help to maximize flexibility. We offer an extensive range of components and peripherals which are perfectly compatible with our Tool Holders.

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All Press Brake Tool Holders

Press Brake Tool Holders overview

WILA Tool Holders are known for their quality and efficiency, allowing for fast and safe tool changes that result in a more productive use of your press brake. Check the full product catalog of all Tool Holders that WILA develops and manufactures.

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