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(A3) clamping bar

Press brake manufacturers can incorporate the WILA (A3) clamping bar into the lower beam or table of the press brake, enabling the hydraulic clamping of bottom tools.

Easy integration

WILA (A3) clamping bars enable press brake manufacturers to easily integrate hydraulic clamping into the lower beam or table of the press brake. A flexible hose along the entire length of the system is used to transfer oil pressure to the tooling via hardened clamping pins, providing maximum reliability.

A3-G3 clamping bar

The WILA A3-G3 clamping bar has been designed for positioning and clamping of New Standard and American Style bottom tooling. Tang widths from 12.7 to 13 mm and heights from 17 to 20 mm can be clamped. The maximum load is 250 ton/meter for tooling with a symmetric adaption width of 80 mm.

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