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Learn about WILA tools and load capacity

WILA tools can easily sustain the loads that are required for standard air bend operations. However, sometimes bending operations are not standard and higher loads are required. What is the maximum load a WILA tool can bear? Learn how to look up the load capacity and to determine if the tool is suitable for the job.

Looking up the load capacity

Tool specifications can be found as an inscription on the tool itself, in the WILA catalog and online in our shop. You can also consult the WILA Smart Tooling app, the WILA Tool Advisor or bend simulation software that has a tool database with the required tools.

On our tooling, WILA mentions maximum tool loads in kN/m. For example, if you have a 100 mm tool segment that allows a maximum load of 1,000 kN per meter, the 100 mm segment itself can sustain a load of 100 kN or approximately 10 metric tons. This should be an evenly distributed load.

Maximum load in relation to bending angles

Did you know that when bending sheet metal, the required bending force will peak at a bending angle of approximately 120°? This means that if you make a 90° bend, the bending force is the same as for a 120° bend.

Required bending force in relation to bending angle

Required bending force in relation to bending angle

Horned tools

The maximum allowable load of WILA horned tools equals the maximum allowable load of a regular tool. This should be an evenly distributed load. However, depending on the bending application, the horns will deflect. This means that you might notice an angle deviation in the corners of the sheet metal part. Whether this is acceptable or not depends on the application.

The limiting factor

Another thing to keep in mind is that while the selected tool might be able to sustain the load, the capacity of the Tool Holders could be exceeded. Also note that WILA New Standard top tools up to 200mm tall are head load bearing. WILA American Style top tools are shoulder load bearing.

The load capacity of the press brake itself could also be the limiting factor. Always look at the complete picture.

Need advice?

Luckily there is an easy way to do this. Software like the WILA Tool Advisor lets you analyze your critical bends and gives you a tool advice, taking both press brake tonnage and Tool Holder load capacity into account.

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