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Smart Tool Management

For easy access, tools should be stored near the press brake. You should also be able to quickly identify them, so you can easily enter the tool data into the press brake control. This will save time and prevent mistakes during changeovers.

Smart Tooling Concept

All WILA New Standard Premium tools feature a unique, scannable code, offering an Industry 4.0 Tool Management solution for digital tool data exchange. The WILA Smart Tooling App provides instant access to tool data anytime, anywhere. It offers major time savings, error-free tool data entry and simplified tool inventory management.

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Tool storage

The WILA Tooling Cabinet provides an organized and safe method for the protection and storage of tools when not in use. Our cabinets are built to last and designed specifically to store WILA Press Brake Tooling. They are modular and allow for efficient storage on the work floor.


WILA Press Brake Productivity Wax ensures WILA Tooling always remains in top condition. This concentrated, liquid spray wax has been specially developed for cleaning, maintaining and protecting WILA tools.

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