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Fast and safe tool set-ups

Fast tool changes are key to increasing press brake utilization. Save time with higher clamping speeds, automatic seating and aligning of tools and operator assistance for positioning and handling press brake tools.

Higher clamping speed

WILA’s automatic clamping systems can reduce your setup times by roughly 80 percent compared to manual clamping. This usually means a return on investment within months, not years.

Our Tool Holders can be equipped with either hydraulic or pneumatic clamping. Hydraulic clamping systems are suitable for just about any bending application. As an addition to that, our pneumatic clamping systems are perfectly suited for new electric press brakes or for upgrading an existing press brake – electric or hydraulic. What really sets the WILA pneumatic clamping systems apart from others is that we use regular workshop air pressure to operate our unique self-locking clamping mechanism.

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Automatic seating and aligning

Perfect tool alignment is essential for any press brake operation. WILA created New Standard as an open standard for press brake tools. When used in our automatic clamping systems, WILA New Standard tools are self-seating and self-centering across the entire length of the press brake. And not just top tools. With our V-Lock technology this also goes for our bottom tools.

Safe tool handling

The WILA Safety-Click® mechanism is a key element of our New Standard top tools. The Safety-Click® makes it possible to change tools vertically by simply clicking them in and out of the clamping system. It also increases the speed at which you can change and reconfigure press brake tools. The Safety-Click® is suitable for tools up to and including a weight of 12.5 kg.

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Easy to Move

The WILA Easy to Move® (E2M) bearing system is a system designed for the quick and safe handling of heavy top and bottom tools in and out of the Tool Holders. New Standard top and bottom tools are equipped with special bearings, which allow you to move the tools laterally quickly and safely without using a lot of force.

Tool positioning

The Smart Tool Locator® (STL) is the perfect solution for improving press brake productivity. The Smart Tool Locator® uses LEDs to indicate exactly where tools should be placed in the Tool Holder. It can also assist the operator by letting him know where the back gauges are and where to position the sheet metal. This allows for significant benefits in speed, precision and convenience.

The Smart Tool Locator® (STL) is suitable for our Top and Bottom Tool Holders.

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