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Read up on all aspects of sheet metal bending

Browse our in-depth articles on the technical and business aspects of sheet metal bending.

Three benefits of smart bending by TIPS

Maximize the up-time of your investment in automation. An automated process gives you control and predictable output. Until the process gets disrupted. Learn what the WILA Tool Identification and Positioning System can do for your press brake productivity.

How to compensate for deflection of a press brake

When bending sheet material on a press brake, the released forces can cause the ram and bed to deform. As a result, press brake tooling will no longer be parallel during the bending process and lead to angular deviations in the product.

3 min. read

Avoid product deviations

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to the quality of end products. Process optimization and automation make it possible to meet such demands. And perfect tool alignment is essential for accurate bending on a press brake. What's the best way to achieve this?

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How automation can make you more competitive

The press brake industry is changing. Large series of identical products are making way for smaller series of increasingly complex products. It is becoming more and more important to change tools quickly and accurately. After all, long set-up times directly reduce productivity and profitability. How do you make sure you remain competitive in this rapidly changing market?

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Prevent damage and wear

The demands on press brake tools are ever increasing due to changes in the market and the optimization of the production processes.

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The fourth industrial revolution is slowly but surely gaining momentum

More and more companies in the press brake industry are encountering major changes in market demand. Customers are looking for smaller series, which often consist of more complex products.

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5 ways to keep your tools clean

Every press brake operator has encountered problems associated with galling. This is when small particles of sheet material or milling scale stick to bottom tools.

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Upgrade your press brake by leveraging WILA tooling technology

Purchasing a press brake is a major investment. What if your customers expect higher quality due to a wider range of products, you have change the tools in your press brake more frequently. If your existing press brake cannot accommodate this requirement, it becomes the bottleneck in your production process. How can you overcome this hurdle?

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Fast and safe changes without the physical wear and tear

All of us will probably have to work longer hours in the future. The impact of this trend is putting unnecessary stress on our bodies. This usually results in on-the-job injuries and missed days of work. These factors have a negative impact on an organizations productivity.

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Smart press brake technology reduces errors

The production processes in manufacturing all always evolving. The need for greater flexibility to accommodate for smaller batch sizes and specialty parts has become commonplace in today’s market. These factors combined with less skilled operators, result in rejected parts, reduced productivity, and higher costs. What can be done to overcome these business challenges?

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Intelligent software helps provide real-time tooling advice

Selecting the correct press brake tools for the particular bending requirement is vital. This is often accomplished using a bending program at the press brake control or an offline simulation program. These programs search their database to see if a suitable press brake tool is available for the particular application.

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Clamping of press brake tooling essential for bending accuracy

By the time a part reaches the press brake, it has typically passed through multiple value-added production processes. As a result, press brake operations are subject to stringent accuracy and consistency requirements to avoid costly scrap material. While good press brakes are necessary to meet these requirements, the importance of the right clamping system is too often overlooked.

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