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Automatic Tool Change

The WILA Automatic Tool Change concept consists of a universal robot gripper and ATC tooling. The gripper can be mounted to a robot, enabling quick and efficient tool change. Automatic Tool Change allows for fully automatically bending small batches of various products in random order.

Tool Identification and Positioning System (TIPS)

Improve your automation and process control by combining automatic tool change with TIPS. The TIPS system locates and identifies in real time the correct tools in the storage or Tool Holder system.

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ATC Gripper and Tools

The ATC Gripper allows automatic vertical loading and unloading of our New Standard tooling program executed with the ATC-adapter.

WILA New Standard tooling will be outfitted with an ATC adapter to enable handling by the Gripper. The ATC Gripper will operate the Safety-Click® when loading/unloading punches. Maximum weight of 12.5 kg/28 lbs. Maximum length of 255 mm / 10.039". Most standard tools can be equipped with an adapter.

ATC Tool Storage

ATC Tool storage can be integrated into an automated press brake in various ways. The most productive solution is our tool storage with pneumatic clamping that is integrated with TIPS (TS-PC). With this storage system, robot teaching is no longer necessary when adding or moving tools by hand. Another way of storing ATC tools is the use of a docking station for tools up to 100 mm long and docking pins for tools that are 100 mm or longer.

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