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Find out more about the default bending process calculations and assumptions that are used in the WILA Tool Advisor.

Bending Process

The WILA Tool Advisor is currently available for air bending applications. It tells you which WILA New Standard Premium tools are best suited for a specific air bending issue. In air bending there are many variables that influence the quality of a bent product, like tolerances on blank dimensions and deviations in material properties. Process variables such as springback and deduction are of great importance too. The WILA Tool Advisor uses several calculations and assumptions that provide you with default process values. You can override these default settings with your own specific values. This ensures even better tool advice.

Critical Bend

The WILA Tool Advisor calculates its advice on the critical bend in a drawn profile. The bending sequence for a sheet metal product is of great importance for the actual result. Your knowledge on flange tolerances influences the bending sequence for a product. You might want to gather multiple tool advices for several critical bends in several possible bending sequences. The WILA Tool Advisor supports this approach by enabling you to quickly draw a profile, select the critical bend and find the tools that do the job.

Bending Calculations

Material properties:

  • Steel (420 N/mm2)
  • Stainless steel (700 N/mm2)
  • Aluminum (200 N/mm2)

Press force:

  • Paragraph of 'VM113: Buigen - vormgeven van dunne plaat' (c=1,42)

Bend radius:

  • Table 1 in paragraph 3.1.1 of 'VM113: Buigen - vormgeven van dunne plaat'


  • DIN 6935, paragraph of 'VM113: Buigen - vormgeven van dunne plaat'


  • the WILA Tool Advisor uses a 2° default, independent of the selected material

Specifications default machine (in mm):

  • Q-size: 690
  • Stroke: 350
  • Clamping height: 80
  • Crowning height: 95


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